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9 ways to make mornings easier

Our top tips to streamlining the kids’ morning routine

Ah, back to school. Getting into a morning routine after six weeks of summer can be tricky. Start this school year off on the right track with our nine easy-to-follow tips. Easy peasy.

1. Get bedtime back on track

It’s a fact: a lack of sleep = serious crankiness the next day. But instead of trying to get them to shift from summer to school hours straight away, try gradually making bedtime earlier each day, one to two weeks before the new term starts.

2. Stagger their wake-up calls

If you’ve got more than one little one, have a go at staggering their wake-up times. As they probably need a little extra time to get ready, give the littlest ones a head start. It’ll make things easier for you too. Winner.

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3. Lay it out

A few extra minutes in bed? Dreamy. Catch a few extra Zs by getting their uniform all laid out the night before. Make it fun for the kids by turning it into a game. Get them to gather their next day outfit on a hanger, as quick as they can. Our downloadable checklist will help them make sure they’ve ticked everything off the list.

4. Ditch the ironing

Nobody wants to iron in the morning. Or iron, full stop, for that matter. Non-iron shirts, perfect pleat skirts, permanent crease trousers (and loads more) will have them looking picture-perfect, time after time. You can leave the iron in the cupboard. Phew.

Tu Style, Tu Clothing, back to school, school uniform, kid's uniform, morning routine
5. Make mornings fun

Speed up even the slowest sleepy-heads (we’re looking at you teenagers) by making the mornings a bit more fun. Try creating a playlist, getting them to brush their teeth or get dressed by the end of their favourite tune. Or come up with your own game as an incentive to speed up. ‘Who can dress the fastest?’ – with the promise of a sticker or extra TV time at the end of the week – is an easy win to getting them ready quickly.

6. Set a brekkie menu

Getting everyone’s breakfast needs right can be tricky. The solution to making everyone happy? Set a daily breakfast menu so the kids can take their pick each day. But keep it simple. Think cereal Mondays, toast (and toppings) Tuesdays and so on. And if you’re feeling super-organised, you could even try batch-making their breakfasts on Sunday night. Stress-free mornings, here we come.

Tu Style, Tu Clothing, back to school, school uniform, kid's uniform, morning routine

7. Lunchbox prep

Doing as much food prep as possible the night before will help to make the morning way more streamlined. Add a few extra portions to dinner and dish out the leftovers for their lunch the next day. Have them help pack their own lunchboxes too. Anything they can do to help is a winner in our books.

8. Set ready-to-go stations

Give each little one their own station near the door to keep their shoes, coat, school bag and anything else they need everyday, all in one place. Double check the weather the night before so no one is scrambling for wellies or a brolly in the morning. That way, nothing will be left behind and once you’re out the door, there’s no going back.

Tu Style, Tu Clothing, back to school, school uniform, kid's uniform, morning routine
9. All in it, together

Make the morning routine a real team effort by involving your kids in planning the schedule and delegating as many tasks as possible. For little ones, make a chart or colourful checklist, where they can put stickers next to the tasks they’ve finished. Give the older ones some responsibility by letting them help their little brothers or sisters get ready – things like making breakfast, getting dressed or brushing their teeth are a great place to start.

Feeling part of team, they’re more likely to work together to get out the door quicker. Reward them for their efforts each week with a small treat at the weekend.

Stocked up on all their school uniform essentials? Don’t miss a thing with our downloadable checklist.

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