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The A-Z of school uniform

26 reasons why Tu’s uniform ticks all the new term necessity boxes

Everything you could possibly need all under one roof? Our school shop has it. That all-important new pencil case, the crisp white shirt, the totally cool backpack. And not forgetting all the essentials too. Check out our A-Z below to see why Tu’s school uniform is the bee’s knees.

# is for #LifeNotJustLessons

Art practice, playing vets with the dog, dinnertime… we know their uniform isn’t just made for school lessons. It’s made for life too. What do your little ones get up to in their uniform outside of the school gates? Show us on Instagram using #LifeNotJustLessons. We’ll feature the best ones in a story.

A is for Adjustable

Adjustable waistbands. Giving them plenty of room to grow.

B is for Bionic finish

It’s what keeps our whites looking newer for longer so they’ll always look pristine, even once they’ve been washed.

C is for Cartwheels

They’ll be able to cartwheel until their hearts are content and still look picture-perfect. How? Because of our permanent pleat technology. No excuses for a sloppy school uniform, now.

D is for Did you know?

We’re not all about the school uniform. There’s the stationery. The school bags. The lunchboxes. And they’re all pretty cool.

E is for Essentials

Uniform sorted but what about the socks? And the hair accessories. And the tights. Don’t miss a thing with our handy downloadable checklist.

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F is for Free from BPA

Bisphenol A, to be precise. It’s that nasty stuff found in some plastics. And some of our school accessories are now made without it. Keep an eye out for the signs.

G is for Growing

Our uniform also comes in plus fit, for kids who are growing up way too fast.

H is for Hydration

Keep them topped up with our too-hard-to-choose-from water bottles. Seriously, it’s a tough choice.

I is for It happens

Life, that is. Juice spills, spaghetti splatters, the dog… our stain resistant technology is no match for the everyday.

J is for Just throw it in

The washing machine. And the tumble dryer too. All our schoolwear can go in both.

Tu Style, Tu Clothing, back to school, school uniform, PE kit, kid's tracksuit

K is for Kit

Football shorts, mix-and-match tracksuits, ballet dresses and more. We didn’t miss a thing so neither will you.

L is for Life-proof

We reinforce the knees of our trousers so the kids can kick about as much as they want, no problem. You can put the needle and thread back in the sewing box now.

M is for Multipacks

Giving you more bang for your buck.

N is for Non-iron

We apply a non-iron finish to our school shirts. Any excuse not to get the iron out works for us.

O is for Oh. So. Shiny

Because who said sequins are just made to party? Our shimmery accessories have too cool for school written all over them.

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P is for Perfect colour

Our polos come in a rainbow of colours because we know every school is different. And with our unique perfect colour technology, they’ll stay brighter for even longer.

Q is for Quality

Reinforced knees? Check. Permanent pleats? Check. Stain resistant finish? Check. These are only a few of the things that make our school uniform top-notch quality.

R is for Real-deal leather

Keep an eye out for our real leather shoes. They’re made to last.

S is for Save time

For more time in front of the TV. Or with the kids. That’s thanks to our non-iron shirts. We developed our fabric so they look box-fresh, wash after wash.

T is for ToeZone

Finding the perfect fit couldn’t be easier with our visual fit technology. Simply place their foot in any of our ToeZone shoes, with their heel on the insole marker. If their biggest toe fits within the green area at the front of the shoe, it’s the right size. Clever, eh?

Tu Style, Tu Clothing, back to school, school uniform, kids jackets, kids coats

U is for Unicorns

They’re on our school accessories. Totally magical.

V is for Variety

Of sizes. All the way from little ones to secondary school.

W is for Work it

Their way. With our trend-setting stationery and accessories. Because who said school can’t be stylish?

X is for X factor

Our lunch boxes have it. Don’t believe us? Just take a look and see.

Y is You’ll thank us

Whether you’re picking up the weekly food shop or treating yourself to something new from Tu, you can grab their school uniform at the same time. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that.

Z is for Zero marks

Playground (mis)adventures are no match for our shoes. Because we make sure they’re scuff resistant. Winner.

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