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‘All boobies are good boobies’ — Louise O’Reilly talks lingerie

We chat limited-edition boobs, Viking bras and celebrating our bodies with Style Me Curvy’s Louise O’Reilly.

Underwear! The nine-letter word which is incredibly daunting for so many women. After ten years of working in the fashion industry, I can’t put into words the volume of emails that land into my inbox over this very subject on a daily basis. The common denominator of course being boobs and body confidence.

It’s a sensitive subject for us all, regardless of age or bust size. I wear a 40D cup and suffer with both PCOS and mastalgia meaning my shopping experiences in the past have at times been daunting.

We all have something that niggles at us when it comes to our chests and that might take an extra bit of time to find the right bra.

Some of us have petite chests, “in-betweenie” chests or broad backs. You might have one boob bigger than the other, or perhaps over time your boobs decided to take a road trip to the south (me!).

In the past you might have you found yourself gazing at the most unattractive bra styles imaginable, styles you could easily mistake for ancient artefacts, some kind of protective Viking weaponry where you were left thinking this is your only option. It’s happened to us all at some point, but with a sigh of relief there are brands like Tu clothing who are making a conscious effort to create beautiful feminine pieces that are modern, practical, comfortable and most importantly, affordable!

In this post I wanted to be an underwear realist in showing that when it comes to body confidence and your own personal style preferences there are plenty of style options. There’s nothing wrong or unwomanly about wearing something fully covered, and yes you can wear control shapewear that is still pretty and sexy.

You can invest in that bodysuit which can be restyled with a cami dress or a high waisted black skirt. You can embrace that strong supportive bra that will keep everything in place for the day or go for the push up for added oomph, all options which won’t compromise your style or femininity.

My take on fashion and to all my readers is simple, all boobies are good boobies.

We need to celebrate our girls and our bodies for what we have because no one else has a pair quite like ours. I like to think of them as limited-edition boobies, where we all deserve to look and feel good in our bra’s and undies no matter what our shape, size or how much added oomph is needed. Embrace styles you feel amazing in at Tu where we know all boobs are welcome!

Bras range from 32A – 42GG and our knickers range from size 6–26. Shop the range here.