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Freddie Harrel’s gift guide

These are all the pieces on the fashion blogger’s Christmas list

“My favourite thing about the party season and the cold winter days is how much you can indulge in anything. Be it lazy afternoons spent by the fireplace, indoors catching up with friends, or wrapping up every meal with cheese and chocolate. For me it’s all about being cosy but also setting your intentions for the New Year: more. We’re coming for more shine, more dazzle – just more magic!”

“And I’m setting the tone for an adventurous new year with this strong biker jacket. The padded shoulders will give you extra sass – perfect for any morning’s power strut.”

“I love this Premium knitted co-ord. The berry red is gorgeous and the bell sleeves paired with the high neck will force this gracious stance on you – plus it’s so warm and cosy. Finish the look with ankle boots or pointy shoes.”

“I’m very much obsessed with colours and as it turns out, so are children! So I have a lot of fun dressing up my son. Winter days can be so dark and grey, but kids never are. I love to dress my son in a bright coat and big bobble hats because the combo is just too cute.”

“And don’t get me started on the shiny and singing Christmas jumper that got him in the Christmas mood the second he learned how to play the music (see below). And since we’re talking knitwear, there’s a fabulous range on here. My favourite has to be this colour block jumper – the colours work so well together and the yellow adds extra fun – but oh so, so elegant.”

“I love a nicely shaped jumper on a man. Neat neckline or collar, strong shoulders and a wool-textured finish. Such an easy hack to dandify any winter look and Tu’s selection does just that. Dark tones such as bottle greens, burgundies and navies are my favourite but also earthy tones like sand or grey.”

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