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3 school uniform essentials you need to know

The pieces that make their school uniform

Checklists at the ready. Keep scrolling to start ticking off the three essentials their uniform isn’t complete without.

1. The shirt or polo

Tu Style, Tu Clothing, back to school, school uniform, shirts

Our shirts and polos come in multipacks so grab a couple and avoid doing a mid-week wash. They’re stain resistant and non-iron too. So that’s one less chore to worry about. Nice.

2. The sweatshirt or cardi

Tu Style, Tu Clothing, back to school, school uniform, sweatshirts

A staple, especially when the seasons change. Made with our perfect colour finish – this is what keeps them brighter for longer – find their school colour here. And don’t forget to follow our guide to labelling their uniform to make sure they get it back when it’s forgotten on the back of a chair. Oops.

3. The trousers or skirt

Tu Style, Tu Clothing, back to school, school uniform, skirts

Skidding, cartwheeling, jump-rope… our uniform can take it all. With reinforced knees, a hardwearing Teflon finish (see you later, grass stains) and permanent pleats and creases, our skirts and trousers will look picture-perfect, even after a lunchtime playground session. Plus, look out for our adjustable waistbands. Made for kids who grow up way too fast.

Don’t forget a thing with our downloadable checklist. It’s here.

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