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Holiday packing inspired by The Talented Mr Ripley

Get the look from the classic movie with Tu’s 50s-inspired outfits for you and him

Part of the fun of dressing on holiday is the chance to try out a different fashion persona, someone a little more carefree, adventurous and fun. This summer (well, every summer), we want to be Marge Sherwood, the impossibly chic, full-skirted character played by Gwyneth Paltrow in The Talented Mr Ripley. And the person we most want to take away with us? Jude Law – or Dickie Greenleaf, the suave golden boy from the same film. You can easily recreate this classic movie’s rosy, sun-soaked 1950s wardrobe with Tu’s summer collection, but before you jet off to the Italian Riviera, here’s a tip: maybe leave the murdering sociopath Tom Ripley behind.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s 50s look

Tu clothing, get the look: Gwyneth Paltrow as Marge Sherwood, 50s fashion, white embroidered Bardot blouse, floral midi skirt, white plaited sandals, sequin beach bag

Marge’s scenes in The Talented Mr Ripley are a masterclass in how to do downtime, 50s style. Tu’s breezy white shirt and flared floral skirt are all you need to nail the era’s classic silhouette, but it’s the little extras like vintage-inspired sandals and a beachy tote that will raise your holiday fashion game.

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Jude Law’s 50s look

Tu clothing, get the look: Jude Law as Dickie Greenleaf, 50s fashion, short sleeved denim shirt, white T-shirt, white plimsole trainers, cream chino shorts

Dickie Greenleaf’s dashing summer wardrobe never looks stuffy or uptight, but neither would he dream of being seen in casual cut-offs and a tee. Take a leaf out of his style book and snap up Tu’s tailored chino shorts to give your suitcase an instant 50s-style upgrade. For a final polish, add a pale pastel shirt to a white T-shirt and keep your sneakers box-fresh for sight-seeing and sundowners.

Here’s to a big-screen inspired summer, and here’s hoping your holiday ends a little better than Tom Ripley’s victims!

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