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How we wear Admiral

We find out all there is to know about the cast of the latest launch of the heritage brand

Take two professional sports players, two musical maestros and two fresh collections and what’ve you got? Brand new Admiral for Tu, of course. The heritage brand has just launched their fresh ranges – Gold and Performance – and we caught up with the real-life stars of the shoot to talk everything from influences to personal style.

Jack Nichols Marcy, 23, record producer


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“When I was a child my mum would play a lot of music in the house. My eldest uncle was a DJ and his sons (my cousins) would always show me new music and give me CDs and hip-hop albums to listen to. Before I had a TV or games console, I used to shut myself in my room and blare out music because it was a way for me to escape. But as I got older and went to school, I met loads of like-minded people from similar backgrounds who shared the same taste in music as me. I was always into art and ever since I got my first Eminem and 2pac albums, I wanted to be a rapper. It was from then onwards that I was motivated to pursue my own path in creating.”

“As well as these artists, Kanye West, Dr. Dre, Timbaland, The Neptunes, Marvin Gaye, Gil Scott Heron, Wiley, Ghetts (the list goes on…) are all pioneers in my eyes. What they’ve done has always been bigger than themselves, whether it’s being a catalyst for great records or just being able to deliver a message that’s digestible and timeless.”

“My first album was Limp Bizkit’s “Chocolate Starfish and Hot Dog Flavoured Water”. This transitioned me onto Eminem and hip-hop, where I then found a love for artists like Nas, Tupac, Biggie and 50 Cent. From this, I discovered sounds closer to home with the same demeanour: my other uncle gave me Dizzee Rascal’s “Boy in Da Corner” which opened up the door to grime and was just life. It wasn’t until I started making music properly myself that I realised 90 per cent of the hip-hop I was listening to was sampled from music earlier on. I delved a little deeper and discovered soul, funk and disco, which spurred me on to explore new music from all over the world.”

“But it’s Nas’ “Purple” that has the most lasting memory for me because it always transports me to another place and I always hear something new when I listen to his tunes.”

“London is a great place to connect – everyone is around the corner from each other and just a conversation away from making things happen. This has given me to opportunity to meet so many unique personalities from different creative fields. Collaborating, bouncing off other people’s energy, absorbing the culture and having a get-on-with-it attitude has had a huge impact on shaping me as an artist.”

“I’m not one to tap into trends but love the way that Skepta and Connor Mcgregor dress so naturally, my favourite pieces from the Admiral collection are the smart jackets, which I’d probably wear with a white tee. I also really like the vintage looking T-shirts. Someone once told me that if you’re the smartest in the room, you’re in the wrong room… probably the best bit of advice I’ve ever been given.”

Paris Melville-Rogers (right), 24, record producer


Tu Clothing, Sainsburys, Admiral, fashion, menswear, what to wear, sportswear, Paris Melville-Rogers, male model in checked shirt, black denim jacket, record store

“Coming from a musical background, it was inevitable that I would forge a career in the industry. I listened to absolutely everything growing up – every genre was played in my house. In fact, I couldn’t even pick my biggest musical influence… there’s way too many to choose from. But James Blake’s “A Colour in Anything” has always played a big part in my life.”

“Deciding what to wear in the morning: that all depends on what mood I’m in (and what’s actually clean) but if I could describe my style in only three words, I’d have to say casual, individual, hipster. So I like that the Admiral collection is really easy to pull off.”

“I think that the best dressed man ever was the late and great David Bowie. My biggest fashion faux pas? I once went for a job interview in a pair of suit trousers that were way too big for me so they looked like I was wearing flares. Not good.”

“The best piece of advice I’ve ever been given was from my grandad who said that drunk or sober, you should always mind your own business. But if I were to pass on any tips to an aspiring producer, it would be to find your sound and stay patient.”

Marcus Niall Morrison, 24, boxer


Tu Clothing, Sainsburys, Admiral, fashion, menswear, what to wear, sportswear, Marcus Niall Morrison, male model in gym top, activewear, boxer

“I used to toy fight with my older brother and sister when I was really young and my dad noticed I had fast hands, so he took me to the local boxing gym on my seventh birthday… I’ve never looked back since. From being a kid, people would ask me what I was going to do when I was older and I would always say “I’m going to be a professional boxer”.”

“My biggest inspiration in life has got to be my mum. She’s pretty much single handily brought me and my two sisters up. Without her, I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today.”

“Preparing for a big fight mentally and physically takes around 10 weeks in total. I fine tune my body through training to get into the best physical shape possible. Knowing I’ve put all that hard work in over the weeks puts me in a good state of mind.”

“In my fights, my boxing shorts are always white and gold but outside of the ring I like a pair of skinny jeans with a slim-fit crisp white shirt. I don’t really look to anyone in particular for style inspiration, I normally just wait for something to catch my eye. I love the Admiral sportswear… it’s smart, has a nice fit and most importantly, it’s very comfortable.”

“The best advice that I’ve ever been given is that you only get out what you put in. But if I were to offer my own advice to an aspiring boxer, it would be that as long as you dedicate yourself, you’re willing to learn, take advice and improve (because you can never know enough in boxing), nobody but yourself can stop you from going to the top.”

Dean Bown (left), 21, footballer

Tu Clothing, Sainsburys, Admiral, fashion, menswear, what to wear, sportswear, Paris Melville-Rogers, male model in activewear, gym wear, football

“Football has never been in my family – I was brought up on sports like golf, horse riding and rugby –  but at the age of five, I got introduced to footie by my dad’s friend to play for a local side. From that moment I was hooked and haven’t looked back since. I knew I wanted to progress in the sport and knowing my parents would always support me gave me the motivation to keep going higher and higher. Between the ages of six and 12, I always played two years above my recommended level before actually signing to a professional academy.”

“I’ve always been inspired by David Beckham with his all-round attitude on and off the field. He’s very rarely in the press and keeps himself to himself and even after retiring from the big game, he continues to inspire me because he still works hard and helps a lot of people. I think he’s a true role model.”

“To mentally and physically prepare for a match, I make sure I eat all the right foods like pasta, fish and eggs. They give me the energy I need for 90 minutes of hard graft. Mentally, I’m always strong before a game. I keep myself to myself and go over the things I need to do to better my performance in my head. Then I go out and just let the football do the talking.”

“I don’t really have a trademark outfit… I always like what I wear and sometimes it takes me a while to pick the right clothes but I’m always happy with the final outcome. I keep it simple but effective, not trying too hard to stand out but choosing clothes that suit me and that I feel comfortable in. I tend to take style inspiration from various people, like Pharrell Williams, Jared Leto, Stephen James and Chuck Achike.”

“I always look back at old pictures of me when I was around 10 to 13 and I used to wear the most rascal clothing. I had a pair of tracksuit bottoms that had a zip three quarters of the way down the leg so you could separate that part and they would turn into three-quarter lengths! I don’t know what I was thinking.”

“The Admiral collection is all really nice – and comfortable to wear too. If I had to pick, I would probably say the T-shirts are my favourite piece. I’d wear them in the gym or at training because they’re lightweight, comfortable and can absorb sweat so I’m not carrying around any extra weight.”

“Over the years, seeing how certain individuals are and that they’re themselves without caring what other people think has made me realise I need to start having my own impression on things I do. My dad always said “just be yourself” and I really think that’s the best way to be because everyone is special in their own way.”

“If I could go back in time and give any advice to my younger self, it would be to never try too hard to impress other people. Just be yourself and people will like you for who you are. Don’t ever change to fit in, we’re all unique in our own way and you should always show this, rather than trying to be the same as everyone else.”

Don’t forget the full Admiral Gold and Performance collections are available to buy in store and online now. And if you can’t get enough of the heritage brand, check out our feature here, charting their full history from start to finish.