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Meet the cast

We caught up with the cast of our latest shoot to talk everything summer

Let’s admit it, we’ve been pretty lucky with the British weather this summer. We’ve seen record temperature highs, countless sunny days and not much rain at all. Can you believe it? But before we tempt fate, we’d like to introduce you to the cast of Tu’s latest shoot. There’s the Barrow family – Emily, Josh, James and Isabelle – and our group of friends – Stefan, Lucy and Demi. In-between the crabbing, ice-cream eating and dips in the sea in the quintessentially English seaside town of Whitstable, we sat them down to see what makes their summer special.

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When we think of the British summer we picture… good food, long nights out and lazy days after. And bad weather! Because whenever it rains in the summer everyone’s always like, “well that’s British summer for you.”

Our summer wardrobe essentials arewide-legged trousers teamed with vegan sandals for Lucy. And Stefan has a total trainer obsession going on right now.

Our favourite summer memory is… camping for Lucy. And Stefan’s has to be one of his earliest summer holidays to St Lucia – never wanted it to end!

We feel most like us when we’re wearing… tonal outfits – that’s Stefan’s thing. He always wears one or two tones of the same colour top-to-toe. It’s almost gone to the point of obsession now. And you’ll always spot Lucy in a mini shift or A-line dress with some heeled ankle boots.

The worst thing we’ve ever worn… was when we were about 12. Stefan used to wear those jeans with the chains on the side – it still haunts him. And Lucy had her Granny-chic-come-alternative phase. But everyone did that, right?

Our favourite British celebrity is… Idris Elba. He’s so laidback and super-cool. He always looks good when he dresses up too.

Our all-time style icon is… Alexa Chung. She’s Lucy’s style go-to.

For a trip to the seaside, we always pack… loads and loads and loads of food! Maybe a BBQ grill too. And sunglasses, sunscreen, sandals and a swimsuit. All the s’s.

To ‘Be You’ means… being unapologetic and authentic with no need for explanation. Being comfortable in your own skin and marching to your own beat. And being as confident as you possibly can, whilst making those around you feel confident too. Even on the bad days. That’s always important.

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When we think of the British summer we picture… buddleia, butterflies, strawberries and cream.

Our summer wardrobe essentials arevest tops, shorts and flip-flops.

Our favourite summer memory is… when little Isabelle came into the world. She will always be the summer baby.

When we hear the words ‘school holidays’ we think… yay!

We feel most like us when we’re wearing… something really easy like jeans and a T-shirt.

The worst thing we’ve ever worn… is tights that fall down. Horrid!

Our favourite British celebrity is… without a doubt Mr Bean. Because he makes us all laugh so much.

Our all-time style icon is… Audrey Hepburn (mum’s answer!).

For a trip to the seaside, we always pack… a change of clothes so when the kids run in the sea fully clothed it’s not a problem.

To ‘Be You’ means… you’re really lucky. Everybody is blessed to be unique, their own person.

Ice cream or ice lollies? Ice cream.

Fish and chips or a full English? Fish and chips.

Summer mornings or summer nights? Summer mornings.

Swimming or team sports? Swimming.

Making sand castles or going crabbing? Crabbing.

Don’t forget to watch the cast in action in our new video here. Enjoy!

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