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The pattern showdown: spots vs. stripes

When you’re after a head-turning look, sometimes the simplest things can be the most impactful.

Our two style editors go head-to-head to argue the case for their favourite print.

Which will come out on top – spots or stripes?

When you’re after a head-turning look, sometimes the simplest things can be the most impactful. Take spots and stripes: these patterns are so iconic that they never go out of fashion but they’re still capable of elevating every outfit in your wardrobe. Which to choose, though? Our two style editors Torri and Stephanie deliberate which print should get your vote.

Why should I try spots

No word of a lie: I’ve loved spots since the first time I saw Minnie Mouse rocking her giant bow. I may have outgrown my toddler style icons (though I still think Minnie is pretty chic) but my love for dotty prints endures. Sure, stripes are a classic fashion option, but a spotty piece like the shirt above is an altogether bolder affair. Spots radiate optimism; something about their circular perfection feels jaunty, upbeat and unapologetically girly. Clothes that make you smile every time you slip them on are priceless and that’s why £18 for a get-happy spotted shirt sounds like a bargain to me.

Why should I try stripes

Whether I go big and bold or chic and understated, stripes are my default print. Not only do they never go out of style (seriously, never!), they’re easy to mix with other colours or with prints like florals or leopard. And what’s not to love about a pattern that can run in different directions? Horizontal are fabulously chic, like the nautical stripes you’d find on an easy tee or a casual daytime frock. Stripe connoisseurs love how they’ll make the most of your figure, like this sweet dress from Tu which features bust-boosting horizontal stripes on top and elongating vertical stripes from the waist down. Team it with a pair of on-trend loafers and an eye-popping pink holdall for a playful look you’ll wear this season and next.

Where do you stand on the spots vs. stripes debate?