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5 ways to label their school uniform

Some easy ideas to make sure they don’t lose a thing

Picture this: it’s the first day of term. You’ve forked out on a whole new uniform. They come home at the end of the school day and they’ve already lost something. Doh. Avoid sifting through the lost property box (no thanks) by following our easy guide to labelling their school kit.

Iron-on labels

Not much of a sewer? Iron-on labels are just the ticket. They come ready printed and simply glue to clothes when heat is applied. But, a word of advice: while they might speed up the labelling process, they may lose their stickiness after washing so you might need to reapply. Just check how they’re holding up after you’ve washed their uniform a few times.

Permanent marker pens

Fingers crossed you’ve got tidy handwriting if you go down the permanent marker route. Trying to fit their full name can be tricky so instead, draw a shape or circle your little one can easily recognise as their own. Use a permanent marker to label their lunchbox and water bottle too.

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Sew-in labels

Probably the most long-lasting labelling technique, it can also be time consuming. But here’s a tip to speed things up: forget sewing the whole tag flat (that’s a lot of stitching) and try stitching a nametag hook instead. Easy.

The shoes?

Permanent markers or personalised stick-on labels work best inside their school shoes. If they’re likely to become hand-me-downs to their younger siblings, use a dark marker and write their names on masking tape before sticking inside. When the shoes get new owners, they can easily be replaced with freshly taped nametags.

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The bag and coat

It’s not easy to find your school bag in a sea of rucksacks. So try adding a tag or keyring to the outside of theirs so it’s easy to spot. Works the same with their coat too – just pop it on their zipper. Let them take their pick of their favourite character to really make their uniform their own.

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