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The work from home uniform

3 effortlessly stylish guys show us how they outfit working-from-home

If you’re in the kind of job where working from home actually means working from home, you’ll appreciate the importance of having a staple wardrobe that gets you into work mode. Here, three real guys fill us in on their daily routines and how they dress for them too. Keep scrolling to get inspired.

Joeseph Clough (aka Joey London)
Menswear blogger

“Working from home is hands down one of the best things about my job. Although I’ve never really had a nine to five working structure and I can’t compare it to an office job, I think it really teaches you a lot about yourself, your work ethic and motivation.”

“As a blogger, I have a very unstructured life: last-minute shoots here, last-minute meetings there, cancellations, spontaneous trips away… you name it. Everything that could possibly mess up a routine. But making sure I get up early and straight into my working from home uniform makes sure I’m ready to tackle the day.”

“I tend to go for clothes on the smart-casual side (leaning towards casual), like this light blue cotton shirt. Paired with a pair of navy moleskin trousers, it’s the perfect mix of dark and light. I also find that putting something on, on the smarter end, helps me get into a productive mind-set, whereas if I stay in my PJs or a tracksuit, I don’t get as much done.”

“This outfit is the ideal balance of comfy and casual – it’s super-simple and didn’t involve too much thought. I’m wearing the same trousers as above because being navy, they can be paired with pretty much any top or shirt. But I went for this grey knit bomber over a simple white tee. Nice and easy.”


Ollie Ali
Freelance photographer & cinematographer

“There’s no doubt that working as a freelance photographer is a dynamic and adaptive career that requires flexibility in all areas of daily life. Working from home allows me to create whatever environment I want around me, in order to fulfil the demands of the job in a way which suits me best.”

“When I feel like I need a change of scenery, I can chuck my gear into a bag and head out to find an alternative space that inspires me and allows me to engage my creativity. Part of the unpredictability that comes with freelance life is my ever-changing schedule and constant battle between pencilling something in last-minute and sticking to a routine (or at least trying to!).”

“It’s integral that I’m always ready to move at a minute’s notice and feel good in what I’m wearing. At any moment, I could go from working in my kitchen to being on a fashion test shoot to attending dinner with a client, so my outfit has to suit all situations. The most important part of my wardrobe is having great staple pieces that allow me to look stylish at an affordable price. As I often end up in front of the camera too, I need to ensure my daily wardrobe is casual yet tasteful.”

“My typical week is unpredictable but often involves waking up early on a Monday morning to catch a flight. It’s important that my outfit is comfortable for travelling but also stylish, as it will definitely end up all over my Instagram account. Big knitted jumpers and comfortable trousers are typically what I go for on occasions like this.”

“Travelling back to London is a normally a different story because occasionally I end up heading straight to dinner with clients and need to make sure my outfit is restaurant-ready. For me, this means wearing smart trousers and a loose-fitting shirt.”

“Mid-week often gets calmer (if I’m lucky) and my favourite part about this is making business calls and sending emails from the comfort of my bed. Loungewear is the perfect choice for this kind of work, as being comfortable is key to a successful business call and allows me to really engage in the work that I’m doing.”

“The weekend can be really fun when it involves running around the city and being part of great projects in different locations. When I’m constantly on and off the tube, in and out of taxis, wearing a cool T-shirt and a good pair of jeans is my ideal get-up. Because at the end of the day, looking and feeling great is the key to confidence and opens the door to a meaningful and productive lifestyle.”


Toby Smith
Management consultant

“Specialising in business transformation, I work within organisations that are making a step change into the new world of working. Be that new technology, changing operating models or new strategic directions.”

“As my work is global, the teams I work with are across geographies and offices, meaning my work is mainly virtual. When I’m not holding workshops in person, I work from home to keep focus.”

“A typical working from home day starts at 7.20 and I swap the time used for a commute for a gym session instead. Showered and at the laptop by 9, I prep for the 9.30 stand-up meeting call via Skype. Virtual meetings require smart-casual attire and my go-to tends to be a shirt, chinos and a tee.”

“I’m fortunate enough to have an office at home, however to change it up, sometimes I’ll swap the dining table or sofa in. I work in Pomodoro sprints for 90 minutes of focused work, then I get up and take a 10 minute break. This helps me stay on track and keep productive.”

“The day ends around 5:30, however depending on workloads and locations of team members, ad-hoc work can take place late into the night. No excuse when your office is just four feet from your bedroom. But for these little tasks, I tend to dial it down on the outfit front with something relaxed and comfortable, like mix-and-match joggers and hoodies. This duo from Tu is just the ticket.”


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