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Tu TV: meet the cast

We chat to the real-life stars behind our latest advert

If you haven’t seen our brand new TV ad yet, then what are you waiting for? Hit play above now! In-between filming our real cast in action, we fired five quick questions at them. See what they had to say below.

Patricia is one half of the delightful pair that loves to dance. She’s 55 and a vintage clothing trader. Her favourite thing about being British is dressing how you like without being judged. A strong cup of coffee is her morning motivation and if she were stuck on a desert island, she’d take along a guitar.

You know you’ve really connected with someone when… you laugh at the same things, even when they’re not really that funny.

The best date I’ve ever had… was the first date with the man I proposed to six months later. He said yes.

And the worst date I’ve ever had… was aged 15, with a young lad I had a massive crush on. I dressed up and so did he. We went to a Polish restaurant in Knightsbridge. It ended with food poisoning.

My ultimate style hero is… Lauren Bacall.

If I could have one superhero skill it would be… time travel. Think of all those fabulous outfits I could buy!

Meet Pele, he’s six. If he could have any superhero skill it would be to run fast like Dash from The Incredibles. If he were stuck on a desert island, he’d take along his toy cars.

The best thing about being a kid is that… it’s fun and you can make lots of friends.

When I grow up I want to be… a racing car driver.

If I could invite anyone in the world to my next birthday, I’d pick… Justin Bieber.

The best party I ever went to… was my friend Jonny’s. It had a big slide.

For Christmas this year, I’d like… cars… cars… caaaaaaarrrrrrs!

This is Vanessa, she’s 32 and a Global Campaign Manager. She describes her style as femme with a tomboy twist – her fashion icon is Cara Delevingne. Her guilty pleasure is pizza and if she were stuck on a desert island, she’d make sure she had a hovercraft so she could come and go as she pleased.

The best place to go on a road trip in the UK is… anywhere with a beach, a promenade and cute shops.

My go-to travel outfit is… denim shorts, a baggy jumper and sneakers.

The one song that’s guaranteed to make me sing is… Coolio – “Gangsta’s Paradise”

To Be You means… being happy and living life to its fullest.

If I could give one piece of advice to my younger self it would be… go back. Just kidding. I’d say be brave, always.

Introducing Amarnah, 25 and a professional dancer, dance and body condition teacher and hairdresser. A bold dresser, she loves mixing up patterns and colours. She’s obsessed with tea (it’s what gets her motivated in the morning) and is proud of the diversity of the British culture.

My favourite thing to work out in is… a pair of tight shorts and a crop top for the gym because I can see my muscles and the alignment of my bones. If it’s a dance class, I’ll wear loose fitting trousers and a long sleeved top with a vest underneath for when I get hot.

The song that’s always guaranteed to make me dance is… some really good live jazz, jazz-afro fusion or a strong afro beat. The sound of live music always gets my skin tingling and my joints moving.

My top ten workout tracks are…
MC Vapour – “Jungle is Massive (Wicked)”
Shy FX & UK Apachi – “Original Nuttah”
Prince – “Kiss”
Erykah Badu – “On and On”
Jill Scott – “I am Not Afraid”
Lauryn Hill – “Everything is Everything”
Andre 3000 – “Vibrate”
Black Milk – “Detroit’s New Dance Show”
Black Milk – “Hell Below” ft Gene Obey
Fela Kuti – “Colonial Mentality”

To Be You means… being an open individual, always up for meeting new people and trying new things.

The one piece of advice I’d offer my younger self is… enjoy being young. But start saving! Don’t let people put you down, believe that you deserve the best and don’t settle for something you aren’t truly satisfied with. Be patient and the right thing will come around eventually.

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