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#TuBodyConfidence: Sonny Turner

Our favourite Instagram muse talks about body positivity

“Hi, I’m Sonny Turner. I’m a plus model, influencer, body positive advocate and full-time student. I juggle a lot but that’s me and it’s all possible as long as you focus on one thing at a time, have good people around you and – most importantly – believe in yourself.”

Tu clothing, Sonny Turner, denim, body confidence

“The most daunting moment of the day is often when trying on jeans. Whether that be shopping for a new pair in a busy town centre or trying to order some jeans online. To be honest, I get a little nervous when ordering jeans online as I want them to compliment my body and my style.”

“I don’t want to force myself into something that isn’t made for me (you can always tell when something isn’t made for you).  I want to own what I wear. It’s like having a relationship… I want my jeans to love me like I love my jeans. You have to have a relationship with your clothes. It sometimes feels like a lucky dip if you get the right jeans to fit you and when I find the right pair I stick to that brand.”

Tu clothing, Sonny Turner, denim, body confidence

“I think it’s really important that when we look in the mirror, we try and be positive and kind to ourselves. Positive affirmations are a great place to start: looking in the mirror and repeating ‘I am beautiful’ and ‘I am enough’. We all have self-doubts – even the toughest people in the world.”

“I simply believe in empowering myself and empowering others around me.  Women are already strong but it’s now about changing the way the world perceives that strength. We have to empower ourselves every day and stick together regardless of our body size. WE ARE BEAUTIFUL.”

“But it’s not easy – and it’s definitely easier said than done. But if you practice this every day, we’ll get there together. It’s really important that we empower ourselves as well as those around us. Empowered women empower women. EVERY BODY IS BEAUTIFUL.”

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